Two Moors Primary School is a friendly, inclusive school. We work hard to provide tailored learning within a supportive, safe, and caring environment to help each child succeed. Academic success is very important but equally important are the skills that prepare the children to be responsible, tolerant and resilient individuals who aim high in everything they do.

We provide a variety of trips, clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities to help children experience new things and gain essential life skills leading to a well rounded education. We focus on encouraging children to work collaboratively and plan our curriculum so it is ambitious and engaging.

The school sets high expectations for our children both in terms of their learning and their behaviour and discipline. The triangle of pupil, school staff and parent/carer is critical as a young person develops and we look forward to working with you to do the best for your children.

If you would like further information or to meet, please contact us or browse our website.


Vision and Ethos Statement

We are committed to giving all of our children every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards. We do this by taking account of pupils’ varied life experiences and needs. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum and have high expectations for all children. The achievements, attitudes and well-being of all our children matter. This school promotes the individuality of all our children, irrespective of ethnicity, attainment, age, disability, gender or background.

We are all unique; together we inspire, believe and achieve

  • We value the individuality of all of our children and set high expectations for them, regardless of their abilities or background
  • We inspire our children to believe in themselves and in their true potential
  • We support each child on their own unique learning journey
  • We strive to overcome any barrier that stands in their way
  • We teach our children to work together and to never give up

We look forward to celebrating their success – in both their academic achievements and in their development into young people who can be role models for our whole community.