Senior Leadership Team

The leadership team are:

Mr Dutton Headteacher, Mr Boraston & Mrs Johnson Assistant Headteachers.

Unit Leaders are Upper Exe Mrs Thompson, Lower Exe & Year 2 Mr Viney,  Year 1 & EYFS Mrs Rhodes

SENDco: Mr Boraston.

Our Family Support worker is Mrs Strong and our school counsellor is Mrs Gunner.


Our Nursery teacher is Mrs Potter. They have help from Mrs Tooze, Mrs Gelley & Mrs Dunbar.


In R1 the teacher is Mrs Conium. In R2 the teacher is Mrs Gilbert. They have help from Mrs Perret, Miss Butler.

Year 1

In D1 the teacher is Mrs Rhodes.  In D2 the teachers are Ms Sudbury and Mrs Connor.  They have help from Mrs Hogan, Mrs Hartry & Mrs Moore.

Year 2

In D3 the teacher is Miss Easterbrook and in D4 the teacher is Mrs Bailey. They have help from Mrs Chidgey, Miss North, Ms Vinnicombe & Mrs Cunningham.

Year 3

E1 is taught by Mr O’Brien and E2 by Miss Densham. They have help from Miss Hayball, Miss Curtis & Mrs Cunningham.

Year 4

In E3 the teacher is Mr Viney and in E4 the teacher is Mr Harvey. They have help from Ms Lavery, Mrs Cottrell & Mrs Jewell.

Year 5

In E5 the teacher is Ms Davidson and in E6 the teacher is Miss Henderson. They have help from Mrs Pengelly, Ms Butt, Mr Minkowski & Mrs Langworthy.

Year 6

In E7 the teacher is Mrs Thompson and in E8 Mrs Ingledew. They have help from Miss Porter, Mrs Sullivan, & Mrs Jennings.