Overseeing Inclusion within the school is Assistant Head Mr R Boraston.

We recognise that:

not all pupils with disabilities have special educational needs (SEN);
not all pupils with SEN meet the definition of disability.
All pupils, including those with special educational or physical needs, undertake a range of activities. Teacher assessment determines the depth to which individuals and groups go during each unit of work.

Special Educational Needs

Click here for information on what you can expect to be available for children and young people who have special educational needs in Devon across education, health and social care services.

Gender Equality

Planning at all levels ensures that the interests of boys and girls are taken into account. Pupils are grouped in a range of groups for different activities.

The pupils work individually, in pairs, as part of a small group and as a whole class each term. They use a variety of means for communicating and recording their work.

Monitoring Success

Weekly planning shows how activities have been adapted or extended for the needs of all pupils and, where appropriate, how they relate to Individual Education Plans.

Education Support Staff

Teaching Assistants are directed by the teacher to work with groups or support individuals.